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In winter 1995 Paria was initiated by Akeon (Guitarz), Anus Phallus (Vocalz) and Flagshea (Drumz). After predecessing names like Divine Death, Purgatory and Necronomicon the circle finally found their destiny in being the outcast. In 1996 Nefas joined Paria on second Guitar and the “Cutting The Fucking Christ” Demo was recorded but remained unreleased.

After several line-up changes (too many to mention…), Celticmoon joined the circle on Bass in 1998, one year later Assaku took his place and Celticmoon switched to second guitar. “Lithanie De Sathan” was banned on tape in 1998/1999 but also remained locked in the vaults.

In the beginning of 2000 Assaku left to create Kathaaria, shortly after Celticmoon to concentrate on his own musical projects. Later on Clit Stimulator joined on Bass Guitar and with “Moments Of Molestation” the last unreleased Demo was recorded.

During this period Flagshea and Clit Stimulator lost their dedication for Paria and Black Metal in general and were replaced by skinraping GG Pestilence on Hammerz and bassturbating Panzerdaemön in 2001. In this constelation the first official Demotape entitled “The Black Magic Holocaust Tunes” was released upon mankind. After the recording sessions Anus Phallus became a slave to his inner conflicts and was banned from the circle.

Nekröphiliakk was initiated in 2003 and until his departure in 2009, the band exekuted two more Demotapes (“Worship Bloodshed” (2003), “Blut & Knochenstaub” (2005), the Paria/Prosatanos Split LP (2006) and the first full length “VerminRace” in 2007. In 2006 also the compilation DLP “11 Years Of Blood, Cum & Satan” was released, and beside new tracks it was the first time to make the old unreleased material available.

In 2009 the second album “Unchain The Unclean” was recorded and it introduced Qual as new vocalist. In winter 2010 an infamous Live Ritual, entitled “15 Jahre auf dem Pfad der Verdammnis” was held, and it featured various former members of the cult plus amazing tunes from all over the last years. The same time the Band began to work on their third album. “Blut & Knochenstaub” was rereleased on LP in 2011.

Due to several personal differences, Qual had to left in 2012 and after some unsatisfactoning auditions, Panzerdaemön took the vocals. In 2013 “Surrealist Satanist” was recorded and marked a new era of the circle.

In 2015 a new Mini-Album entitled “Knochenkamp” was recorded and will be released in 2016.

After 15 Years being a part of Paria, charing intensive experience during different Life Phases, Panzerdaemon decided to leave the Cult, due to several personal reasons.

Now we are proud to announce Mentor as Paria’s new Vocalist and Frontbeast.

Long time Comrade, owner of Osa Crypt Studio and well known for his drumming in Blakk Old Blood and other.

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